Printing & Equipment

Expertise with experience

Print is now of such a high perceived value that it has become the tool of choice for customers wanting to stand out from the crowd

We have digital, litho and print partners that we have worked with for nearly 12 years, giving us a distinct advantage in turnaround times; when it comes to choosing every detail from card and paper to foiling, embossing, laser cutting, we have a vast range at our disposal and the experience to know which stock and effect is right for our clients. We are using HP Indigo 12000 technology, pushing the possibilities of printing to an entirely new level.

Because of our previous work experiences, we can prove to be very trustworthy for you in order to print business cards, brochures and magazines or with more elevated jobs like Expo displays, in-store shop and outside panel prints, photography, promotional products and even car-wrap-designs.

When we create your design projects, from the first concept through to finished designs, we take into account how the finished article will be printed. We manage the print process from artwork to delivery, choosing the right printer and process for the job and managing production so that the job is printed right the first time.

All our creativity and experience is waiting for you.

Let’s work together

Our aim is to make you as efficient as possible and to be the partner you can entrust with the printing of all your products: brochures, stands, corporate business cards, stationery and individually designed promotional material.

Creating a long-term relationship will turn out to be very productive for both of us.

We can define a proficient process for your regular orders, which helps you to be more efficient and on the other hand allows us to react to your requests even faster. Once we know how your templates are set-up, the type of paper and printing technology you need and your stationary templates are already saved in our database, the order and delivery to your premises is only one click-away.

Additionally, we can offer the cost effective production of a variety of promotional products – from pens, USB-sticks and cups, over shirts and caps, up to wrapped candies.

We can offer you the complete service, define a promotional strategy and decide together with you on the products which best fit your needs, create the visual design and produce it.

The physical highlights

Memorable events constitute of equipment with the latest technology. Shall it be huge flat screen to reach the audience, touchscreens for individual information sharing, video or image projections on buildings, or the simple fact of providing iPads to your audience for the duration of the conference?

We are by your side always for providing you with the best advises for the tools which can help you take your events, conferences and exhibition to another level of success. We will also look after the installment and running and will provide you a complete technical support throughout.

We will bring the equipment to the event location, install- and run it.

Contact us now in order to develop a stunning plan!