Conferences & Exhibitions

Delivering unforgettable events that are remembered for all the right reasons

All we want is our clients to be successful!

We combine creativity, event management and technical production skills for a perfect event that you can feel good about. Every detail on one of our events is bespoke and meant to enrich and enhance the experience of everybody visiting. From conception to delivery, we help you plan everything to make organizing your event more efficient. We go that extra mile to deliver excellence and perfection in every event that we produce.

From the branding, creating a cutting-edge programme and sourcing speakers, to securing sponsors and marketing, there’s a lot of factors to consider. Our role? We will take all your worries away and you can have a peaceful event.

You can count on our support on individual tasks for your event, like the branding and visual designs of your conference material; and as well you can take advantage of our full-fledged service, where we are involved in every detail: we will be there for you when it comes to deciding on the basics like the location or caterer, up to the right branding and promotional activities to take. We will set-up the location, hire support staff, take care of video – and photography coverage and get you the best professional speakers to make your event a success.

Our experience will help you to arrange a perfect event and a perfect set-up.

Contact us to start the thinking process together, define your needs, non-negotiables and work on your “wish-list” to make your event an unforgettable success!

Build virtual communities and motivate people to get involved and stay connected

Traditional events are amazing, but virtual events open up new possibilities that organisers can’t ignore. Whether delivered on their own or twinned with an existing conference, virtual events broadcast your message to the world without sacrificing the interaction and engagement that delegates need.

We don’t take a typical agenda and try to cram it in a digital space. Instead, we put your objectives at the heart of our work, building a virtual event driven by your audience and powered by our tech. From multi-day conferences that build communities through to high-impact learning events that deliver change, we don’t limit your ambition.

You will be supported by an expert team, from start-to-finish – With 12 years of virtual experience to draw from, our team is ready to tackle anything. Stable technology, robust content planning and the highest quality production.

What are Hybrid Virtual Events?

 – A combination of live and virtual events

Keep your audiences engaged with stunning Virtual Conferences, Trade Shows, Meetings and Augmented Reality experiences.

This type of event is for you, if you plan for e.g.

  • TV-Grade webcast productions
  • Interactive sessions with live moderated Q&A
  • Stunning demos with augmented reality product demos, human holograms
  • Fully customizable and branded event platforms, exhibit hall and booths
  • Events analytics to monitor the success of your event and your lead generation performance

Your moment to show off

Holding exhibitions involves a stage of thorough preliminary preparation. We offer a systematic approach, as well as a full range of services for organizing and holding your event:

Together with you, we are developing the exhibition concept and, in case you do not know yet, select the perfect location.

Let’s work together on the below and more:

  • design and physical construction of your exhibition stand
  • design and production of your promotional materials, matching your business and the event
  • creation of stunning presentations
  • preparation of photo and video materials
  • provide technical support of the event
  • offer the rental of multimedia equipment and stage and lighting equipment

Depending on your business, we can even rent screens for broadcast videos; organize the participation of artists and famous personalities.

We will provide you with the support staff for the distribution of printed products, promotional materials and branded products.

At the same time, we will prepare the visual designs and video messages for your website and social networks.

We ensure that the exhibition holding will be easy and comfortable and the event itself will be noticeable in the community.

We will create the event that you will be proud of!