Digital & Web

The value and impact of web design in marketing is so huge that it cannot be ignored.

A well-designed, optimized and maintained “online strategy” is the heart of your business operations and marketing efforts. If you want to succeed in business in our hyper-competitive digital world, then you must pay attention to your web designs.

More than just a part of your brand

Just as brand consistency is key to any corporate identity, your digital identity needs to be properly planned, created and managed. Your brand needs to be everywhere! On social media, web, email and digital advertising.

We are here to give you a complete service of building up a digital identity for you and also, all the things you want to be communicated to your clients.

How can we do this?

We can provide you with certain tools to maintain a smooth and effective online service for your brand which will help you gain customers.

Your digital identity includes not only your website, but also your social media presence, logos and images, brochure downloads and audio-visual content.

We ensure that all is consistent with your overall brand and put into the correct light.

Internet says: Your Brand is Present!

It is very obvious that to maintain a successful online service for a brand, the first thing you need is a well-constructed, clearly presented and easily navigable website.

First impression is the last impression!

A business website is the common and primary point of contact for customers. It displays your business and demonstrates your expertise and market reputation. It is precisely because of this that website design is so crucial for any digital marketing plan.

Because your business website helps in making the first impression on your customers, it is not something that you can take lightly. You should ensure you are putting your best foot forward in your website design so that you can inspire customer trust and confidence.

When we create a digital project, we approach it from a graphic design and branding aspect – as you want your web site or email to be consistent with your branded goods or social media; we understand the importance of branding and user experience, so we design each project to look on-brand and engaging.

We offer a comprehensive web design and hosting service. We design, build and populate your site and then give you the control so you can update changing sections by yourself. We use leading software with proven functionality and secure all our sites with security software so you remain up to date and online.

We offer a full digital design service that covers all forms of customer engagement from regular online newsletters, to e-books and brochures, social media and e-commerce.

We can arrange as well for a regular support contract, where we take care as well of the regular content up-dates.

An essential tool for your business

When it comes to run your business online, partially or completely, everyone knows what to do for brand development. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are not to underestimate.

We customize, design and populate business and social media pages for you so that they complement your other branded material and your visitors can enjoy a consistent experience.

A strong marketing tool on social media is video. Video rules on social media. For example, shorter-form snippets are ideal for sharing and seeding information. Such as flyers, custom-made pictures, and infographics.

Social media management is as important as PR or search engine optimization. We optimize and promote your web site and social media assets, offering a combined strategic approach to managing your web presence.

Unique and interactive newsletters

Let’s make your newsletter interactive and catching to your audience.

We produce guides, magazines and newsletters, from the initial concept creation, over to producing each edition, up to managing the email distribution. You tell us how far we shall accompany you in your endeavors.

We manage your copy and image requirements, adapt style templates and source content where necessary, whilst maintaining brand consistency throughout every project.

On the dissemination we can work with your IT department or provide the service of online mailings at cost-effective rates, branded in your style and color.

Let’s open an online store

E-commerce can be simple – it really can. We have a special system for our clients that aid them in setting up an amazing online store. This store will be mobile friendly and easy to use. Most importantly, we also give you a built-in secure hosting service that is PCI compliant from day one and includes all the leading payment systems.

Using a state-of-the art system takes all the worry of hosting a web shop away. It works, is constantly updated and can be easily plugged in to the rest of your marketing and sales functions.

We give you control of your shop so that you can upload products and download orders from any browser, manage your shop across social media and promote it through email campaigns.

For our e-commerce clients we have demystified the process and made it as simple as managing a Facebook page or web site.

Innovative e-learning: a right, not a privilege

Our aim is to empower you to promote powerful learning.

Our designers are highly trained experts with vast online learning experience.  We approach all projects from this perspective and work on single courses through to full degree programmes. We also consult on all the before, after and ‘in between’ of online learning projects and pay attention that the platform is self-explaining and easy to use for both, instructors and participants.

Most of our platforms are build-on Moodle, as it is one of the best learning tools and for free. It has the interface of a “normal” website, reflects your visual identity and is tailored to your need; nevertheless it contains all elements of an automatized e-learning system with registration interface and e-certificate on attendance upon finishing of a class.

We give you control over the platform and you can easily make changes to its content, add documents and register participants to courses.

To support your team to get faster acquainted with the portal, we can provide a “video-instruction” on all functions of the platform.

Additionally, we can service you with a support contract: it will make your day-to-day dealing with the platform easier, as we take care to run error messages, file or data corruption, data migration between product releases, security and administrative settings, course settings, feature set up/use, third party or optional plugins. This can be done, even if the hosting is realized on your own server.

We also provide hosting for a range of sizes – from 3GB through to 25GB. Our hosting services are designed to let you move up the ladder as and when you require more space.